Choice of the best solution according to your needs and budget
    • Developing the list of needs
    • Drafting of tenders
    • Hearing and selection of suppliers
    • An objective, non-biased approach
Call handling script (skills, agent group, queue, overflow, out of service)
    • Documenting and updating existing behaviors
    • Analyse of needs
    • Development of non-response behaviors
Agent Skills Development and Appeal Group
    • Analyse of needs
    • Developing Agent / Skill / Skill Groups
    • Development of skillsets
Integration of the solution
    • Programming call flows
    • Programming voice mailboxes
    • Provisioning of telephones, softphones and faxes
Tests and validation
    • Tests of calling behavior
    • Coordination between all relevant sectors
    • We ensure the link with the chosen supplier (Bell, Allstream, Vidéotron ...)
    • Staff available 24/7
Training and Knowledge Transfer
    • Training of Agents
    • Training of Supervisors
    • IT Team Training
Support after commissioning