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Need help finding the perfect solution for you and your business? You do not know where to begin to rejuvenate your environment? Are you bothered by the many solutions available to you? Are you experiencing problems with your computer network? The SimplicITI team can help!

Network assessment and Network Upgrade
Project management
QOS Assessment
Technological and equipment choices
Network Assessment and Network Upgrade

SimplicITI has over 25 years experience in the area of network engineering with tens of thousands of systems installed. We take charge of understanding your business needs and ensure that the network is adequately designed and implemented to support all your requirements. We follow a precise audit methodology based on engineering best practices to guarantee our findings and results.  

Our audit methodology comprises all your business network and connectivity needs.

  • Data, voice and video traffic analysis 
  • LAN local Area Network connectivity
  • WAN Wide Area network 
SimplicITI masters network management and optimization activities, in order to make sure the environment will conform to our client's expectations and application performance requirements. SimplicITI offers a rare combination of expertise in both cloud computing AND networking. Those capacities are essential in order to assure coherence and performance of all solutions (cloud or based) , regardless of size and complexity of clients, and their environments. 

Optimization of LAN, WAN, wired and WIFI networks

Optimization of network elements, switches, routers, firewalls:

  • Protocol management
  • Bandwidth management
Network optimization activities
  • Internet access
  • Speed, bandwidth, latency, resilience
SimplicITI  takes ownership to optimize the design and performance of your network no matter how complex. We have designed and implemented networks of all sizes from large (>1000's of devices), complex, multi-site environments to small networks of a few hundred devices. 

We provide a turn-key solution and ensure that the results are optimal without the risks associated with the a multi-vendor solution approach. 

QOS Assessment/ Certification

VoIP technology uses your existing computer network. In most cases, existing networks provide a good basis for VoIP. However, the voice requires very specific add-on characteristics. PoE (Power over Ethernet) and QOS (Quality of Service) are some of the most important elements. These elements will impact switches, routers, and the internet access currently deployed in your business.

SimplicITI  will be able to audit the existing environment and make the necessary upgrades if necessary. We offer experts advice in the following areas.
Technological and equipment choices

SimplicITI does not promote any particular products. We offer the best solutions for each customer. We support most known brands

Making an informed choice among tens, even hundreds of solutions and products available in solution, equipment or company, can become a real problem. Our specialists in need analysis and solutions are there to expose you the best choices for your needs taking into account:

  • Your budgets
  • Your technological heritage
  • Your real needs / wishes
  • Your technical capabilities
Unbiased approach

SimplicITI does not promote any particular products. We offer the best solutions for each customer. We support most known brands