Network architecture
Network Optimization
Computer Asset Assessment
Modernization plan
Operating and maintaining a computer network is a challenge. The speed with which technology evolves, versions, models, technological choices of the past are some of the factors that can jeopardize a company's computing health. Will your network and your equipment be able to cope with the constant increase in traffic and traffic on them?

We can do for you:
  • Architecture, planning, technology
  • Feasibility studies, case studies
  • Large network engineering (several tens of thousands of posts)
  • Network Audits
  • QOS Certification for VOIP
  • Security, performance, reliability, redundancy

  • LAN / WAN Architecture
  • Techno choice (protocols, evaluation and selection of equipment, firewall, security)
  • Voip specialization including SBC (session boarder controler)
  • Inventory and recommendations
  • Development of three-year plans for the maintenance of your technological environment