With the cloud solution, your desktop bursts. You are no longer physically confined to the same place.
As a carrier, we can offer you your system simultaneously in Mexico, France and Montreal! Receive calls, phone and fax messages wherever you are! All you need is a network connection. Your calls available anywhere in the world.
  • A high-end system hosted at the Montreal Stock Exchange Building 
  • An experienced support team available in French, english and spanish on demand.
  • A system that fits your business

Is this for you? Advantageous for you? Do you recognize yourself?


 Outdated system

 Is your system showing signs of fatigue? Your old system has made its day? You have reached its

limits? Do  not take the chance to lose your calls, messages or customer


 Seasonal Growth

 Do you have a meteoric growth? you need to add staff quickly? nothing easier in cloud!you have

 'dead'  seasons and others where you do not suffice for the task? with the flexibility of 

SimpliciTEL to modulate  your extensions and lines according to your business needs


 Save up to 60% with SimplicITEL service

 Multi-site? 1 system for all your sites, 1 bill and a lot of savings!

 Reduction of lines, elimination of fax lines

 Reduction and optimization of the number of lines (-33%)



  Are you really thinking about relocating your old system? Enjoy the benefits of cloud telephony

and do not   move anything! we install phones and that's it.

The hosted cloud telephony service works with a dedicated cloud infrastructure optimized for telephony.
The SimpliciTEL platform utilizes server-grade carrier-grade softswitch on a dedicated, high-performance HP blade server. Nothing to do with free open source products such as Asterisk.
No virtualization or clustering is used to achieve maximum performance.
To ensure the efficiency and security of communications, it provides businesses with a tailor-made service designed specifically for the business community
  • Performance analysis
  • Custom configuration
  • Training level 1 and 2
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Reliable and secure IP 
  • Technical support
The Power of a World-Class System
Cloud effectiveness and flexibility

  • No maintenance or system management
  • Mobility, smart phones and tablets
  • On-demand lines
  • Receiving voice and fax messages by e-mail
  • Unlimited growth capacity
  • No functional limit: 150 functions all included
  • No obsolescence
  • Protection hacking
  • High flexibility of telephone sets
  • Independence to the supplier through the use of standard and open protocols and technologies
  • Advanced specialized resource availability
  • Removing long distance between your sites
  • Your own extension available wherever there is Internet
  • Access your phone system from anywhere
  • Multiple devices for the same extension, phone, softphone PC smart phone.
  • Automated IVR reception
  • Telephone bridge between several internal and external participants
  • Removing long distance between your sites
  • Full Call Center
150 Advanced Features Included
  • Softphone for Iphone and Android
  • Cell twinning
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
  • International Cellular Service
  • Voice Messages by Email
  • Multi-identity

 SIP Trunking

With VoIP the SIP protocol allows the replacement for very expensive traditional phone lines such as PRI lines at a fraction of the cost using SIP or SIP trunking circuits.  

  • Savings of up to 65% compared to traditional phone lines (PRI or FL1)
  • Improved reliability is provided via SIP by eliminating analog gateways and PRI converters.
  • Telephone lines on-demand or "bursting" virtually eliminates your customer's receiving a busy signal when contacting your business or if dialing out.
  • High definition-HD voice quality with G.722 support.
  • Optimized bandwidth through the use of the G.729 protocol.

How to migrate to SIP Trunking?

  • The first step is to verify the termination date of your existing line lease contract. 
  • We begin the transition effort 6 months before the end of your current contract. 
  • An audit of your current network is performed which includes both the LAN and WAN.
  • Depending on your situation we will recommend the best approach regarding the migration to SIP trunking.
  • The process can be complex however Simpliciti takes complete control of the process and provides you a turn-key solution.
  • Our experts are leaders in the industry with many successful implementations already realized and we guarantee the outcome.
  • If required, network upgrades will be recommended. 
  • We will operationalize the service.
  • We will decommission your legacy phone lines.